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* We book Roots/Folk artists whom we know and have followed for some time. A connection to their songs is what provides the emotional investment that makes hosting rewarding and worth the stress for us. We love Folk, Blues, Country, Soul, Bluegrass - preferably some concoction of all the above. Singer Songwriters with something to say - artists of conscience..

* We host about 4 concerts a year. We only host on Saturdays and occasionally a Sunday afternoon. We consider every booking a 'co-promote' and depend on our artists' local fan base and mailing lists to help fill the house. 40 is our max capacity but 20 fills our space nicely.

* We have a sound system and can provide sound. Our room works well if you prefer to go straight acoustic without amplification also. 

* We still have a long wishlist of favorite artists we hope to book. While we love to discover new artists that blow us away, we prefer to book artists who have a body of recorded work we already have in our collection. Hosting is somewhat stressful, but any and all work is worth it when we have a personal connection to the music we are presenting. 

* We strongly encourage merch sales for our artists, providing attractive displays and personal testimony to your music. Please bring your CDs and be willing to sign them for our guests.

* We have a guestroom and bath for the use of our artists if they wish to stay overnight. You must be cat and dog tolerant because we share our home with furkids. We are happy to accommodate food and beverage requests/restrictions so your visit to Hillbilly Haiku is as enjoyable as possible. We find it highly rewarding to give back to the artists whose music so enriches our lives.

* Unfortunately, we are not in the position to be able to offer guarantees. What we do guarantee is our best effort to fill the house, and an evening of great hospitality from music lovers who LISTEN and revere what you do.

* We don't sign contracts. We are not a business. While we understand the need for contracts when working with performance venues, we respectfully submit that we are not those. We do this strictly for the love of good music, and if my word by email is not sufficient, chances are Hillbilly Haiku is not a good fit for you. We welcome you to refer to our past performer list and elicit a personal reference from any of them.