About Us

We are Rick and Denise Williams. We grew up in Minnesota where we were dairy farmers. We started over in Tennessee in 1993 and it is definitely home now. Rick is a manufacturing engineer and I work in the box office at the Bridgestone Arena. We have an Australian Shepherd named Guthrie and a Shetland Sheepdog named Levon. And recently we added two kittens, a Birman named Amadeus and a Maine Coon named Galileo. 

The name Hillbilly Haiku comes from a song lyric by Guy Clark and Mark D. Sanders:

Townes Van Zandt standin' at the bar 
Skinnin' a Hollywood movie star 
Can't remember where he parked his car 
Or to whom he lost the keys 
Full of angst and hillbilly haiku 
What's a poor Ft. Worth boy to do 
Go on rhyme somethin' for 'em man 
Show 'em how you really feel 

    - Cold Dog Soup



I've been told Hillbilly has a negative connotation for some and may not have been the wisest choice for our moniker. To me, Hillbilly is just mountain-speak for 'country' and we come from the country. Hillbilly Haiku. Country Poetry. And coming from a writer like Guy Clark and referring to Townes Van Zandt, well, that is some great company. Our series emphasizes independent singer-songwriters and Roots/Americana artists of conscience. More and more we turn towards traditionally rooted acoustic music makers and string bands.